ยป Themes

To explore the topic of environmental change in estuarine and coastal systems ECSA 54 will address multiple issues from individual to ecosystem scales aiming at advancing assessment and management tools. The meeting will be organized under the following proposed broad themes:

1. Hydrodynamic and geomorphological shifts in coastal systems
- Process based modeling in transitional environments
- Regional ocean modeling, dynamic downscaling and climate processes
- Resilience of coastal systems and future adaptive management strategies

2. Geochemical processes in changing environments
- Local and regional stressors on geochemical processes
- Responses of nutrient cycles to natural and anthropogenic driven changes
- Effects of seawater acidification on carbonate chemistry and geocycling

3. Shifts in biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
- Patterns and variations in populations and communities
- Shifts in structure and functional traits as response to natural and anthropogenic impacts
- Effects of biodiversity changes on ecosystem function and services

4. From genes to ecosystems: effects of global change
- Evolutionary processes at population and species levels
- Phenotypic plasticity and adaptation at different organization scales
- Cascading effects in response to environmental change

5. Connectivity and its implications towards conservation and management
- Vital rates at different life history stages
- Population exchange rates and mechanisms influencing population dynamics
- Measuring movements of marine populations in changing environments

6. Improving management and decision processes: advances in predictive tools
- Incorporating scientific knowledge in decision processes
- Spatial analysis and resource management
- Advances in modeling, simulation and scenario based approaches